¿Coquito o Creme de Vie?

Revision: I forgot to tell you guys, that once it is done you can add nutmeg or cinnamon when you serve it.

I can honestly say that in my house, we never had Creme de VieMami never made it; neither did Abuela.  Strange for a Cuban exile household if you ask me.

In Puerto Rico it seems many Cubans were taken with Coquito (similar to Creme de Vie, but add some coconut milk).  Both are very sweet;  Creme de Vie a bit more and it also has a hint of vanilla.  Of course, they are both spiked with Rum.   Hey, we are Latin after all!

So this year I’m doing two things.  First I’m sharing with all of you my recipe for Coquito and Marta’s recipe for Creme de Vie.  Second, I will make a batch of each and have a neutral party – Alan of course – taste them both and see which he likes best.

If you don’t like coconut it goes without saying that Coquito is not for you, though the Coco in Coquito is really subtle.  For those of you with no clue of what I’m talking about Coquito is Puerto Rican Egg Nog and Creme de Vie is Cuban Egg Nog.


  • 2 cans of condensed milk
  • 2 cans of evaporated milk
  • 2 cans of coconut milk (NOT Coco Lopez)
  • 6 egg yolks.
  • You will also need about 1 cup of white rum.  I recommend you pour in 3/4 cup first and taste, and then add more as you see necessary.

Note: I personally use Don Q Cristal for two reasons over Bacardi – first, it is more bitter.  Second, it has a stronger kick than Bacardi, so it allows the Coquito to be spiked and thick at the same time.  If you use Bacardi, you’ll have to put in more rum to taste the “spike” and this will in turn make the Coquito more runny.

Creme de Vie (Marta’s Recipe)

Whichever you prefer, make sure you mix very well.  I have not met an Osterizer with that capacity, so I usually use the cake mixer and a Pyrex bowl.  Once you are done you store them in clean wine bottles (personally, I use Kahlua bottles) or any other bottle you like (you can buy some of those they sell at Michael’s too!).

The tradition is you give a bottle to friends and neighbors, so decorating the bottle is almost a requirement.  And like the rum, that is up to you. I find that  it’s best to make the Coquito for personal use on the day you plan to decorate the tree; between the sugar and the rum – and the Parranda/Trulla music in the background – you stay up and decorating becomes a lot of fun!

So, which one do you like best?


11 thoughts on “¿Coquito o Creme de Vie?

  1. Adriana,

    I love the look and feel of this blog! I plan on coming over here often and hanging out – I hope that’s okay. =D

    Glad you posted the coquito recipe. I’m making gallons of creme de vie for our neighbors and friends. Our local wine store sent us straight back to the recycle bin to take our pick of wine bottles – we get the clean corks from Michael’s (the craft store) – How green are we??


    PS. Thanks for the linky love. =D

  2. Of course it’s okay!

    Lucky for me married to a Chilean, we drink so much wine during the year that if I was your neighbor you wouldn’t need to go to the wine store!

    Thanks for dropping by and being the very FIRST comment!

  3. for mike’s kicked up coquito, I add coco lopez and vanilla extract. Also some cinnamon. And I add a 50/50 mixture of regular rum and coconut rum

    • Coco Lopez can make it too sweet if you add it while using condensed milk. I like the idea of the coconut rum though! 😉

  4. The difference in mine Adriana is I use 1 can condensed mike, not two. Otherwise you would be correct.

    I use the Parrot Bay coconut rum .. the stuff is so good you can drink it straight up on the rocks too.

  5. Well Adriana… I’ve also made of cuban parts and I’ve never heard of Creme de Vie until now… I will try it though. Sounds extremely good!!! I’ll see if I can get my hands in some cañita rum… that will definetely spike things up a bit… 😉

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