Rudolph the Red Nosed CR-V

I know it is corny as hell, but I couldn’t resist.  Last year I saw many cars and SUVs outfitted with the red nose and antlers; I couldn’t find the kit anywhere then.  So this year the second I saw the “Rudolph” kit, it only took one look at Alan and it was mine.  I must’ve looked like a kid who just found the one toy she really wants for Christmas.

Here in Rhode Island, at least in the small towns, people really live the Christmas season.  Everyone decks out their homes and lawns, we have town Christmas trees lighting ceremonies, Main Street get luminaries, so why should cars be excluded?  Besides, there was no way  I would be the only undecorated SUV in the town this year. No. Way.

But more than driving around with antlers and a red nose, what I enjoy the most is the smile and thumbs up people give me when they see the car.  To the extent that people have left us notes in the windshield telling us that they love our antlers!

Meet Rudoph the Red-Nosed CR-V!

Rudolph the Red Nosed CR-V

Rudolph the Red Nosed CR-V


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