Are you kidding me? Freedom does not have a price

I was not going to write anything today as all I want is to crawl into bed and watch the snow fall while watching College Football, the NFL network and the newly minted MLB network.  Yes, I am that much of a sports fanatic…and  Yes, Alan is a very lucky (and Happy) man for it.

I don’t like to get political in this blog, as it is a family oriented blog (one of the many reasons why I decided not to post about the 50th anniversary of fifo’s takeover as my blogging friends did.).  But, in the words of Michael Corleone….they pull me back in!

Going through my inbox, I received an email inviting me to join them in a Cuba Tour for Educators, in which I would partake in a host of great activities such as:

  • visit Cuban libraries, meet Cuban authors, and converse with members of writers and cultural organizations, and tour museums and schools all involved in the written word (how about visiting some political prisoners?)
  • a tour of the Museum of Literacy dedicated to the 380,000 young women and men who volunteered to eliminate illiteracy in 1961 (is there a monument to all who died trying to free Cuba from fifo?)
  • a private guided walking tour of the main historical sites of Old Havana (why a private tour, can’t I just go out on my own?)
  • an intimate look at the University of Havana where you’ll meet with professors and students to better understand Cuba’s education system (you mean indoctrination system right?)
  • private salsa, cha cha cha, and rumba dance lessons by Cuban pros
  • an afternoon for reflection and relaxation on the world-famed beaches of Varadero (can I bring a Cuban from the street with me?)
  • You’ll witness island history and cultural while staying in the historic five-star Hotel Habana Libre, providing a luxurious respite during your action packed itinerary (can I bring some more Cubans from the street with me to enjoy this luxurious respite?)
  • While on the tour, teachers (including spouses) gain an intimate knowledge of the Cuban school system that is heralded globally for its innovation, quality and effectiveness (WTF?)

And that last line is as far as I got through the email.  On a conference named “To Read is To Grow” I couldn’t help but wonder if all Cubans will be allowed to read what they please or if they are forced to “grow” only through reading regime approved books.

In addition, as I’m getting the dance lessons which I don’t need, relaxing in the beaches of Varadero, and having such a luxurious stay at Habana Libre can I conduct an adopt-a-Cuban movement and bring them with us?  Or would they be turned back at the gate?  How am I supposed to enjoy a “luxurious respite” when I know the REAL and TRUE situation of the CUBANS in the island (not the ones the government has LOANED the tour)?

I’m a woman of few words, specially when my blood boils as it did when I read this email.  So even though I could’ve written much more than I did, this was the response I mustered up to the fellow that sent me the email invitation:

As my family is from Cuba and lived first hand the results of the so called Cuban revolution, please take me off your list.I do not need to witness the enslavement and destruction of an entire country by an egomaniac self appointed dictator.

Freedom does not have a price.

Thank you.

Yes I could’ve said many more things, but alas when I’m pissed I’m short, concise and to the point. I foresee I will not be receiving any more invitations from this gentleman, nor any kind of response, and that is fine with me.

To have received this email on January 1st 2009, left me beyond speechless….and forced me to be political. Sheesh.


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