The Holidays are over and it is time to revamp those bolsillos and tighten those belts.

As a graduate student I get a small stipend that together with Alan’s paycheck helps us survive and get by.  Unfortunately, 2007 and 20078 were not good financial years to us due in large part to the increase of the price of gasoline.

In 2007 Alan had a car accident and totaled our paid for Honda Civic when he spun off a wet curve.  This of course meant we needed a new car pronto!  Because living in Rhode Island we do get winter weather – snow, sleet, ice, slush, freezing rain (you get the picture!) – and because his accident was traction related we decided we needed a 4 wheel drive vehicle and purchased a used 2005 CR-V in mint condition (13,500 miles!).

Of course, now we have a car loan that we have to pay every month (with higher insurance to boot!  Double!).  We also have a car that is not as mileage friendly as our previous one, and gas prices that reached $4/gallon.  Those same gas prices drove heating oil through the roof as well as many other staples.  Result? Increase in our credit card spending.

In 2006 Papi passed away and Puerto Rico is not a friendly place for the heirs of someone who passed without a will in place.  This resulted in various trips to PR to either deal with legalities or estate issues.  Airfare to PR from Boston is not cheap.

On the positive side, in 2007 was the Christening of my goddaughter Gabriela, but that also meant another trip to PR.

Well you get the picture.  2007 and 2008 have been years of increased debt in the Lambie-Bóveda household.  So this January we decided to enlist ourselves in economías de guerra and only spend what we need….leaving us with the astounding discretionary income of $100!  Woo-hoo!

Until yesterday, when I had the wonderful idea to give our CR-V a most needed oil change and found out that we need to replace all 4 tires! @ around $170/tire!  Yikes!

Thank God I have a fallback waitressing job…..still, that is going to need a lot of tables at a time when business is really slow.

Against the wishes of my tire place, I told them that I had to wait about a month to be able to afford this.  He doesn’t think the tires will make it that far and was truly concerned.   I don’t have a choice, and there is no way I will “charge” this. Are you kidding me?  Nuestras cuentas no las brinca un chivo!

So we will wait for our W-2’s this month, so I can e-file as soon as possible and get my direct deposit return pronto.  A direct deposit with nombre y apellidoNokian WRG2 SUV.

Ay mamá! Keep us in your prayers people; better yet keep our tires in your prayers!


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