Culebra Dreaming!

There is one weather condition that I cannot stand – RAIN.  I hate rain whether it is Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter.

So on a nasty day like today – a gray, cold day, with rain and ice, I can only dream about being somewhere else…and I choose Culebra Island in Puerto Rico!

During the summer, we had the opportunity to go to Culebra for my 20th High School Reunion gathering.  I had never been to Culebra before and had no clue what we were missing!

Alan and I waiting for the Culebra ferry

Alan and I waiting for the Culebra ferry

It was a BIG holiday weekend in Puerto Rico so unfortunately we were not the only ones going to Culebra.  Waiting at the dock for our ferry was an experience of its own; packed with people and a lot of pushing and shoving.  But there was also music, and since it is Puerto Rico, we were allowed to drink some of our cold beer while we waited! (notice the RED cooler at my feet!).

Victor, Me and Alan .... Chillaxing!

Victor, Me and Alan .... Chillaxing!

Culebra is a municipio of Puerto Rico which I guess would be similar to being a city.  However it is an island.  It is this island condition that has kept it somewhat virgin and underdeveloped.  You will not find beach resorts there as the beaches, Flamenco in particular, are quite virgin with dunes still intact.  The habitat has been nicely protected, which result in quite the beautiful beach. And again, because it is Puerto Rico, beer and alcohol are allowed on the beach so long as they are not in a glass container (it is Puerto Rico after all, full of hot blooded people!).

Flamenco Beach in Culebra

Flamenco Beach in Culebra

My best friend Marisol and her husband Victor (yes, the same that we hosted for Nochebuena) also went and shared the apartment with us.  During our short stay (3 days, 2 nights) we were blessed with sunny clear skies and I have to say, though warm the water temperature was actually quite pleasing!  Which was good because man, it was fucking HOT in Culebra and the Puerto Rican sun takes no prisoners….

Culebra from the Ferry

Culebra upclose

On Sunday, while Marisol and Victor slept, Alan and I hitched a ride into town to the local panadería to buy breakfast – essentially tostadas, cortaditos and breakfast sandwiches..and oh yes a Mallorca!  On our way back, unfortunately, we had to walk….it was about a 30 minute walk under the murderous Puerto Rican sun.  To top it off, it was an UPHILL walk.  Did I mention Culebra is mountaineous terrain?

Let me tell you it was worth dehydrating and almost dying under the heat while carrying breakfast if only to get to see the beauty of the island.  It is truly a breathtaking place.

Alan in Culebra

Alan in Culebra

Me in the shade...need I say more?

Me in the shade...need I say more?

While Alan was all smiles and looking great, I was dying.  I swear I don’t know how I survived 20 years in Puerto Rico.  Now, whenever I visit, I’m dying from the heat and the humidity in five seconds flat.  And that walk up the hill in the sun was no exception!  But how big of a hill was it you ask?  I’ll do better than tell you I will show you!

Alan y Adriana went up the hill....

Alan y Adriana went up the hill....

You see that road that leads all the way up and then dissapears because the photo ends????  Yes! That is where we were headed!  Fortunately for us, some property personnel (we were staying at Bahia Marina, one of those places where you purchase a condo and rent it out as a hotel kind of deal) were driving back and recognized us!  I mean, really it wasn’t that hard…who else was crazy enough to be walking on a one lane, curvy off road????

And then all too soon it was time to leave our little island paradise (newly discovered for us and we loved it!).  So while I sit here in my icy rainy gray winter day…..I’m Culebra Dreaming!  See you soon Culebra!

Culebra from the ferry

Culebra from the ferry

If you ever have the chance to go to Flamenco (Flamingo in English) Beach in Culebra, PR I only have one word for you: GO!


6 thoughts on “Culebra Dreaming!

  1. You lucky stiff!!! It makes me want to plan a trip with my Wife.

    BTW, nice looking blog you guys have here. I must say I didn’t expect you to be so – and don’t take this the wrong way – white. As in “five minutes out on the sun and I’ll get blisters” white. I guess that Spanish side of yours said presente loud and clear! 🙂

    • LOL Roberto! Alan is the same as his is Scottish! The constant joke by one of my high school friends was “el sol es gratis!”. Glad you came around, and glad you like the blog….how far are you from Rochester?

  2. Rochester? How the heck you get from “think Finger Lakes” to Rochester? Anyhow, I’m in Binghamton, so that’s about a 2.5 – 3 hour ride to Rochester.

    • Hey, I was told Rochester and its surroundings (I’ll be at RIT) was al lado de los Finger Lakes!

      I’m still laughing at your white comment; that was hilarious. Funny thing is the second you said “I never imagined you so…” I knew where you were going!

      “five minutes out on the sun and I’ll get blisters” white.


  3. Well, there is a certain photo of a certain tattoo on a certain wrist somewhere. And it didn’t look so jincha. As a matter of fact, it almost looked trigueña.

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