25 Things….

Ok, so everyone and their mother in Facebook has tagged me with this 25 things meme.  I cave.  I had vowed not to participate on this thing, since it was annoying to get so many tags in one week for the same thing.  It took me a while to pick and choose what to put down, and I’m sure the second I publish this I’ll want to change it.   I promise not to tag anyone in return 🙂 (How’s that Vivi?)

  1. My first big crush was Rick Springfield which lasted until I was about 16.5 years old.  I saw him live once. Rick was effectively and forever dethroned by Jon Bon Jovi.  Yes, I absolutely positively had (or have?) a mad, mad, mad crush on Jon and I have the posters to prove it! and the t-shirts, scrapbook, concert tickets, well you get the picture!
  2. My parents threw me a coming out party, or better stated I had a quinceañero.  There wasn’t much society to introduce me to or suitors for that matter but I still had a blast!
  3. I was chaperoned until I was 18.  At 18, I went out with the brother of one of my best friends; we ended up dating for about a year.  It was the first time I went out with a boy and without a chaperon
  4. I dated a Cuban rafter when I was 19; after the demise of my relationship with the brother of my best friend.
  5. At the age of 22 I managed to get hired by the manager of a TGI Fridays.  I’ve waitressed at TGIFridays (Maryland and Texas), at Palmera’s Mexican restaurant, Bartended at Houlihans and waitressed at an Italian restaurant.  It’s my fall back job whenever things go bad.
  6. My first serious boyfriend was Jewish.  Some years later he tried to rekindle our relationship and I told him that I would never marry anyone who wasn’t Catholic.  I meant it at the time.  I married a Chilean Jew that I met in Miami, go figure!
  7. The summer of ’91 I saw Jimmy Buffett and Frank Sinatra.  No not together.  I’ve always considered myself very lucky that I got to see Ol’Blue Eyes in concert.
  8. I absolutely love technology and get giddy when new products and/or services are introduced to the market, and yes I have an avatar in Second Life
  9. No one has ever asked me to marry them; yet I am married.
  10. I love to argue, and I’m good at it too.  Some people say I should’ve been a lawyer.  Go ahead, argue with me!
  11. At the age of 20 I got my first tattoo and my for my 38th birthday I got a second tattoo. I guess that means I’ll get another one when I’m 56? 😉
  12. When I was a kid, I use to daydream of taking a Black Ops team into Cuba and assassinating Fidel Castro, a la Chuck Norris!
  13. I’ve never, ever, smoked pot.  REALLY.
  14. My dream trip is to go visit Antartica, or like some of my friends like to put it….to go home.
  15. When I was 8 I wanted to be the first woman to play in Major League Baseball.  I never learned to play baseball because baseball was not for girls *sigh*…I still go to batting cages and pretend.
  16. I love sports.  I love Baseball, I love Football.  I could not live without the NFL network and now without the MLB network.  Counting down the days until Spring Training and Football season.
  17. Beer, beer, beer, beer. (see #15)
  18. I can recite the alphabet backwards.
  19. Cannot live without coffee, any coffee.  After 5 years in New England, I can also say I cannot live without Dunkin Donuts.
  20. I am American by birth, Cuban by culture and New Englander by choice.  How’s that for you?  I have no clue what my children will be or choose to be.
  21. I am a descendant of Bernardo de Galvez (I believe he was the grandfather of my great grandmother).  For a while, I wanted to own a restaurant that would serve my family’s Cuban and Spanish food recipes and I wanted to name it Café Conde de Galvez!
  22. In my life I’ve dated the following nationalities Cuban, American, PuertoRican, Nicaraguan, Honduran and Chilean.  I use to call myself the United Nations!
  23. I can voice along The Breakfast Club movie; I saw it so many times I lost count at the 14th time
  24. After I saw Return of the Jedi, I went home and wrote a sequel: The Force of the Empire.  No, I’m not kidding.
  25. I love to dance, I love to cook, and I love to write…I once sent in a short story to a Seventeen magazine contest.  I also know, by heart, the choreography of Thriller.  YES, really!

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