Somebody is Watching me!

What is that?

What is that?

Alan and I are both dog people, REALLY. But I guess life always plays with you, and si del cielo te caen limones…..well you know, Lemonade!  And since we don’t have any kids yet, you get to hear about our “hairy daughter” – Nemo the cowardly Cat!

Nemo was born in my backyard in Miami.  She was one of three (no, not a Borg) and was the second litter her mother had in my backyard.  Her mom was quite the feisty cat.  I was not married at the time so whenever I wanted to feed her or her kittens I first had to establish who was boss, shoo her and put the food down.  Once the food was down I had to retreat quick, since the little ones would run to the food and she’d start hissing.  One time I was away and Mami came into the house and saw the kittens in the yard.  She, an animal lover like me, decided to give them some food.  Unfortunately, the MOM did not recognize her and Mami had no clue – so when she put the food down she was atacked (scratched).  Hence Nemo’s mom became “La Gata que Ataca“.

Once we got married, Alan was the one in charge of taking the food out.  We found that Nemo’s Mom, was deathly afraid of Alan so it worked both ways.  We also started letting the sliding door open, so the kittens could explore our living room as well.  Not too far in though, since Mom would not allow it.  So here we were, three little kittens – Dorita, Nemo1 and Nemo 2 – can you tell which movie we had seen recently?  Eventually one day we woke up and Mom was gone with two of the kitties – Nemo had stayed behind (or left behind as Alan believes).  And so Nemo, who we later found out was really  a she, became our pet.

From the beginning she had weird behaviors for a cat – maybe it was because we were raising her as a dog.  For example, she’d go eat everytime we’d sit down to eat.  She never ate on her own until much later.   She also stutters; yes don’t laugh our cat stutters.  Her meows don’t really flow, they are more like miaaaaaa- and cut off.  I’m sorry to say we bursted out laughing the first time she did this.  I tried to teach her how to properly meow to no avail, so I gave up.  Funny thing is she really doesn’t meow all that much.  No, not even when she’s hungry.  She’s very expressive in many other ways.  Lately, perhaps a year or so, after I’ve insisted that she must meow when she’s hungry she decided to try a new method.

She. Stalks. Me.

Nemo the Stalker Cat

Nemo the Stalker Cat

I know, isn’t that hilarious?  She’ll also stalk Alan too, but mostly me since I’m the one in charge of the food.  Alan you see is in charge of her spa (brushing her fur every morning!).  So now whenever she’s hungry she’ll sit right next to you and just stare at you, and stare, and keep staring until you go give her food.  I find this hilarious.  Even more, since even when she stalks she stills DOES NOT meow.


6 thoughts on “Somebody is Watching me!

    • LOL Evenshine! Once we have a house, hopefully in the next two years, we’ll add the dog (finally!) to the equation. I’m sure that experience will be a post on its own. Glad to make you laugh!

  1. I’ve got to say that as a dog lover who also ended up with a cat, I’ve found cats to be quite interesting in their own special way.

    My cat Sammy also stalks me, but more as a sign of bonding than anything else: if I go to the living room, Sammy follows me there. If I get up to get something in the kitchen, here comes Sammy. If I decide to go down to the family room, he follows me there as well.

    So, congrats! Nemo looks like a cute cat!

    • Ah Roberto, I see you too have a cat with what we have deemed separation anxiety! If Nemo loses sight of me once Alan has left, all I hear is this hair raising cryptic meow (alas, there she does meow) and I yell from wherever I’m at and she soon appears and settles in!

      So I guess I have a stuttering stalking separation anxiety cat!

  2. Nah, Sammy doesn’t suffer from separation anxiety. We just bonded. He can handle being away from me but, for example, when I get home and he hear the electric garage door open, my wife tells me he runs to the garage door, starts meowing, and rolling around by the door like a puppy (what my wife calls “the death roll”). He even gets up on his hind legs and tries to reach the door knob to open the door.

    • That is soooo cute!!!! Nemo does the same thing with Alan. She could’ve been super asleep, but as soon as she heard the key on the door, she was there at his feet. Though when we both go out, she’ll be there waiting for us. She’ll peek through the window and once she sees the car she bolts to the door! Maybe its because we raised them as dogs???? Is that possible?

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