Searching for a NEW home

Many of you know (or not) that I will be joining the faculty at RIT this fall (yay for me!).  So next week during our Spring Break we will be visiting Rochester to search for our new apartment!  We are so very excited about the trip!  Not only because duh, we’ll be looking for a place to live, getting to know the area and meeting my co-workers and learning which courses I’ll be teaching during the fall….but also Alan will be able to meet his new school and honestly, we DESERVE this break!

That’s not to mean I will be taking an actual Vacation – see there is no vacation in dissertation! (geeky joke I know, I crack myself up sometimes) *sigh*

Anyway, that means that I will be taking my trusty Mac on the road me with us, and the hotel has internet acces (and Free to boot)l, and I will be taking the camera…..soooooooooo I will be blogging from Rochester!

Come along for the ride as we scope out this new chapter of our lives, that really promises to be something else!


4 thoughts on “Searching for a NEW home

    • Evenshine, we are not moving yet. We formally move in August; this trip is to find the place we’ll move into. Although I have to admit living in a hotel would make great blog posts!

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