It seems we have found the place we will call home for our first year in Rochester.  It’s nice, it’s cozy and It. Includes. Heat. Trust me, that’s a very good thing and a savings of about $1200 per year.

Nada mas con el testigo! as Papi use to say.

In other news, we went into the local supermarket chain, Wegmans, to figure out how our food budget would change if at all, so that we can estimate our cost of living in our new home.  The only thing more expensive, limes.  3 for $1.99!  I almost had a heart attack!  However, …..

Good News: eggs are 99cents, they have chorizo español (sorry Linguica), they actually sell PILON coffee (I know, Shut.Up!) and……..

They. Sell. Beer.

I swear I hugged the 12 pack of Killian Red.  I mean, how appropriate that on St. Patty’s I find out our future home sells beer at the super market!

Yeah, yeah, you’ll tell me that they do the same in Miami.  Please follow my timeline.  In Puerto Rico I could buy ANY alcohol I wanted at a supermarket.  I mean beer, wine, rum, you name it, you can buy it at the super market (Pueblo).  In Miami, I had to give up the hard liquor to the Walgreens but could still get the beer and the wine at Publix.  In Rhode Island, I depend on the liquor store.  No beer, no wine, no alcohol at the supermarket!

So to my delight, now we can get beer at the super market!  Yay for Rochester!

And Café Pilón, I mean REALLY how f*ing cool is that?

Needless to say we’ve had a wonderful trip here at Rochester, where everyone has been SUPER nice and I really CANNOT wait to get here and start posting about all our new experiences.


4 thoughts on “Beer!!!!!!!

  1. We have a Wegmans down here too. It’s easily the best grocery store I’ve ever been to.

    I don’t know whether they carry Pilón, though. I know they carry Bustelo, which would be my favorite. And they have plenty of Goya and other Latino products.

  2. Adriana,
    Although we can get beer and wine and all that even at the local Walmart, I totally get your excitement at finding the Pilón.
    In fact, finding ANY Goya products is cause for celebration!

    I just found both Bustelo and Pilón at our local….(wait for it)…..
    TARGET! That discovery made me crazy-happy.

    Can ‘t wait to hear about your experiences in your new world.


    • Marta, the excitement I got over the Pilón and other Goya Products was almost as big as finding the beer. I get Bustelo here at the Stop and Shop. However, that said, I was VERY excited at the prices of Pilón and the Goya products.

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