Our New Digs

As I sit here and start calling moving companies so we can get estimates (we don’t actually move until August), I thought I’d share with you what our new apartment will look like.  It’s not too big, but it’s not too small either.  The good thing is that the bedrooms are not smaller than our current 2nd bedroom and it has plenty of closet space: each room, a coat closet at the entry, a linen closet in the bathroom and a hallway closet just because.  A heavy plus is that the $800+ monthly rent (probably $900 when we add Nemo – YES my cat pays rent!) includes HEAT and hot water (which of course is connected to the oil baseboard boiler heat).

You might not think that is a big deal, but currently in the heavy winter months we spend about $250 (part of Dec, January and February).  In the Fall and Spring Months (November, March, April) we spend about $150/month….and that is keeping the thermostat at 55 degrees.  For us, that is quite the savings when you add it up plus we get to stop freezing ourselves and our friends!.  I mean this is ROCHESTER we are talking about.

Fitness Room

Fitness Room

The complex also has the usual perks: a state of the art workout room (I refuse to call those things gyms) with lockers, showers and a vending machine, a great pool (I think its 25 meters which is half of an olympic size pool), an activity room with a kitchen (you know in case I decide to host some sort of Cuban Nochebuena), tennis and basketball courts, playground and get this: in the winter, they. have. a. skating. rink. How effing cool is THAT?  Alan has no excuse now.  He will have to learn how to ice skate! And oh yes, its 5 miles from campus and on the bus route!

The down side, it is a bit small, but we are sort of entering a minimalist stage of our live so we can save some money and buy a house.  Besides, even I am getting tired of my own clutter.  It also does not have a balcony, which is very depressing, it’s got carpets instead of wood flooring (free heat), the kitchen is somewhat small (free heat), it doesn’t have a washer/dryer in the unit (free heat),  no fireplace (free heat) and it only has one bathroom (free heat).

Did I mention the heat is FREE?

Here is a look at the floorplan of what will be our new apartment come August:



So what do you think?


6 thoughts on “Our New Digs

  1. Oh the free heat is an excellent deal! My husband had free heat in his apartment last year and I didn’t get cold.

    Then we bought our house, our 1928 house that leaks heat, and even with half the house closed off and the heat set to 58 at night and 65 during the day and with me wearing all my clothes and putting on 20 lbs and still being cold ALL the time, our heating bill was $290 in January.


    • Class, I hear you. We’ve spent this winter pretty much in one room with the living/dining room and the kitchen closed off. Currently we rent in an old home that like yours leaks heat.

      And yes, FREE HEAT DOES ROCK!

  2. Adriana, it looks like you guys have a nice little apartment there. Yes, free heat rocks. My heart is still getting over the January energy bill. And our house is small and “well insulated” (as in “it’s up to the recommended standard but it could be better insulated”).

    Since you live right next to the Great Lakes, ask around and see how good are they when it comes to plowing snow and stuff like that. Because you’ll have PLENTY of it next winter.

  3. Be careful what you wish for. You have no idea how much snow fall in your neck of the woods. Three years ago, my wife and I nearly moved to Buffalo, which is about an hour west of you and also by the Lakes. A week after we decided against it, they had a snowstorm and ice storm that kept people indoors for 4-5 days WITHOUT power.

    I’m just warning you. If you think snow is cute, you’ll find winters in Rochester VERY, VERY, VERY, cute.

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