Take me out to the ballgame…

Yes folks, I’m alive.  You see after being cooked up in the house for 3 months, we needed some air.

So I turned in the first draft of the first manuscript (there are two) of my dissertation; and I also ran the data for the second manuscript.  Guess what?  The data did what I predicted it would do!!!! Yipppeeee!  If you have no clue what I’m saying, just now that THIS is a GOOD thing!

Of course, with such good news we went out for the air we needed so much.  We are BIG baseball fans, and BIG RedSox fans (especially Alan) so it was only natural that when we heard Dice-K would be doing rehab starts at Pawtucket PawSox (AAA RedSox) well we bought tickets of course!  Dice who? Daisuke Matzusaka, the Japanese pitcher who helped his team win two World Baseball Classics.  Why not see him at a RedSox game?  Yeah, good luck getting two tickets.

It wasn’t a good day for baseball. It was COOL. It was DAMP.  It was WINDY.  It was DRIZZLING.  How did we fare?  Well just look at me:



You think I look funny?  You should’ve seen the people with blankets.  And all the Japanese media that left after Dice-K completed his three innings.  Of course we also took some pictures of Dice-K while he was warming up at the bullpen.  This one is my favorite:

Dice-KWe are sort of a tag team.  Alan takes the pictures; I edit them online.  I don’t have very good editors, only iPhoto and Acorn, the latter of which I’m still getting around.  Once I buy something decent, Photoshop or Aperture, they will be better I promise.  Originally the picture was in color, but I like how the BW treatment gives the picture a sort of ajada look, and fits with Dice-K’s pose.

The game was actually good.  We each had a Smithwicks and a hot dog…..and after bearing the cold, we finally broke down and had some hot chocolate with fried dough.  We only made it to the 7th inning, but we also saw Rocco Baldelli play, which for us was an added plus.  And being AAA we had great seats right behind home plate, which sucks for pictures because the net is in the middle but the view is SPECTACULAR!

McCoy Stadium

As you can see, we’ve also been making use of Alan’s gift.  He literally does not leave the house without it, so I have many pictures of the area to post, so you can get to know this little state that we will be leaving and will be missing dearly.

Yes, yes, recipes to come too.  I have a couple in particular I believe you will like.

For now, PLAY BALL!


2 thoughts on “Take me out to the ballgame…

  1. Como nos cambia la vida……………mi compadre se cambia de equipo como quien se cambia de calzoncillos.
    Y pensar que vivimos y disfrutamos juntos como HINCHAS DE LOS MARLINS el 2003 todos los juegos como si fuera el último, pero que le vamos a hacer, igual los queremos a pesar de los Red Sox.

    Lo por de todo es que esto lo escribo viendo un juego de los Marlins – Red Sox que nos van ganando 8-1 y recién vamos en el cuarto, pero por lo menos no me cambio de equipo.

    • Jajaja. En todo caso, seguimos a los Marlins desde aca. Desafortunadamente, cuando juegan contra los RedSox ya sabes a quien le vamos!

      Te tengo una buena foto del Nolasco….te la muestro pronto!

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