El Tiki Tiki

TikiTikiAnd no, I’m not talking about Telemundo’s Mauricio Zelic, I’m talking about a new blog by Latinas for Latinas!  My blogger friend Marta is one of the editors of this new blog that has content as diverse as Hispanics are.  It’s a bit intimidating at first, but take a bit of time to visit and find your way around it.  I’m sure once you do, you’ll find yourself coming back!

Recipes? They have it!  News? They have that too!  Life stories?  Check; and those will for sure be the best part of this blog.  Reading our lives stories and laughing about them! Hey, I know for sure if I contribute one of my stories you’ll be laughing so hard you’ll cry!

And that is one of the best parts, they are sort of an open-source blog as they  accept contributions….so all you writers out there can participate as well.  And you don’t have to travel far to visit either, as they are in Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and YouTube.

So go visit and go visit often!


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