Cooking in Barcelona

Shame on me for not writing in sooooo long.  I don’t blame you if you don’t come around anymore or have taken me off your blogroll.  However, try teaching a class, finishing a dissertation and packing a move so you can understand how time limited we are.  Still no excuse, I should make time because this is after all my lifeline and my decompress time.

I sometimes wonder when I post my recipes if anyone tries them afterwards; no one ever tells me if they did or not, or if the recipe came out right or wrong.  When I started this blog it was more about me being able to write about our life and our recipes, but I wasn’t sure who would read it.  Turns out that even my school friend Sonia, who at the time was living in Barcelona, enjoys not only reading my recipes but also cooking them!

Sonia cooking up Moros con Cristianos

Sonia cooking up Moros con Cristianos

The best part is that she is enjoying the cooking!  See how she is all smiles preparing those Moros!

The finished product!

The finished product!

Nice piping hot Moros con Cristianos, my moros con cristianos and in Barcelona no less!  From what she told me they were a huge success among her friends!  Thanks Sonia for reading the blog, trying the recipe and sending me the pictures!


2 thoughts on “Cooking in Barcelona

  1. Are those tostones next to the sink in Sonia’s kitchen??? El perfecto acompañante para un arroz moro… me pregunto donde en Barcelona habra encontrado platanos verdes. De Canarias posiblemente, no?

    • They sure look like tostones….in any case, platanos have become very popular; I even get them in Chile when we visit Alan’s family!

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