If you are Cuban and Vegetarian….

Life might be complicated.

Another school friend, Madelyn, has a blog on vegetarian recipes.  She turned vegetarian a while back for many reasons, that if memory doesn’t fail me, were rooted in health issues.  In any case, I applaud her discipline to be vegetarian and her efforts to think out of the box and create her own “criollo” versions of some of our foods.

Of course making a batido de Mamey is somewhat easy so long as you are not vegan (since the batido does take milk).  And if you’ve been wondering how to be a vegetarian and have a sandwich cubano, well, she’s got your answer.

So if you happen to be vegetarian (Lord know that is a complete impossibility for me) or like to cook vegetarian every once in a while, I urge you to visit her blog Karma Free Cooking.  While she is not vegan, if you are vegan, I think you can find some recipes there as well.  She has also been added to the blogroll.



7 thoughts on “If you are Cuban and Vegetarian….

  1. Thanks Adriana…

    If you had asked me back when we were in school if I wanted, or even dared, be vegetarian, I would have laughed my cute little a** off. So the lesson here is “never say never” and always be open to the possibilities.

    The good thing… I never ask anyone to be anything they’re not or to make changes they’re not prepared to make. But I can assure you, all my recipes are indeed vegetarian and tried and tested on omnivores. That way I make sure anyone will really enjoy them.

    Hopefully, I’ll get you to try some of my recipes some day… my kitchen is open the next time you visit PR. Hey, if I made Marivi’s kids eat asparagus, you might not be that hard to crack after all…

    Gracias mil por toda tu ayuda… Madelyn.

    • Made, I will eat vegetarian food; I have many times. De hecho en PR, I once had a vegetarian cantina from Nutrition Meals on Wheels! I will not however, EVER, become a vegetarian….unless of course, it comes down to a health issue. I love beef and pork and chicken way too much! I will not go willingly!

      However, I will try some of your recipes as soon as this PhD is over. Some of your recipes I do like! And, de nada por la ayuda. Like I told you, glad I could help!

    • I don’t like soy milk. And as a woman in child bearing years I avoid soy at all costs. I guess if you like soy milk it might taste good……
      so I guess the answer is no.

  2. You can use almond or rice milk and it tastes just as good as long as you have a good mamey. Almond milk is better because its more creamy than rice milk!

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