Gotta Dance!

One of the things Alan and I miss most of living in RI is that there are no decent latin dance clubs around.  The only good ones are in Boston, but that is a 90 mile trek which entails renting a room at a hotel and gets way too expensive.

Therefore, every chance I get (or every break I take from writing my dissertation) I go on the net and search aroun the Rochester, NY area to see what’s available to ail our Covacha withdrawal.  Yes that Covacha.  We used to mover el esqueleto there almost every Friday until the wee hours, and then swing by La Carreta at International Mall for a medianoche.

It seems my search time has paid off.  Lo and behold the Flat Iron Cafe, which has jazz on Monday, Bachata and Merengue on Tuesdays, Tango and latin music on Thursdays, Latin Night on Fridays…..but wait……Saturdays they have BARRIO NIGHTS.  What?  Yes B-A-R-R-I-O, and I don’t have to tell you what barrio they are referring to do I?

Check it out; Alan and I are currently the happiest people in the world and cannot wait for August 8th.  Why August 8th?  Well that is our first Saturday night in Rochester, NY!  And GUESS where we will be that night????????

Old school salsa and Fania here we come!!!!!!!


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