The best Cuban appetizer Evah!

These days I’m low on recipes for two reasons:

1) I’m really not cooking that often.  With all my time going to finishing my dissertation we mainly throw whatever we can together without much thought

2) I’ve packed away all my recipes so I can’t give you any measurements.

But no fear.  Between some recipes I managed to prepare and save (like Ropa Vieja) and my cooking friends, I’ll have enough content to get us through until we are in Rochester unpacked.

I’ve always loved Mariquitas (as they were called in my house) or Chicharritas (as they are mainly called in Cuban Spanish).  Even on a hot day, these things are great because of the Mojo they go with – pronounced Moho for all the Spanish impaired.  Ah, Mojo – a Cuban invention SO GREAT that Marta uses it as her status in Facebook.  I know, shut up.

Anyway, back to Mojo.  It’s the easiest thing to do – smash some garlic in a mortar, get equal parts of olive oil and lemon juice, heat the olive oil in a skillet and pour over the garlic in the mortar.  Add the juice, some salt and voila you’ve got Mojo……well you’ve got the Mojo for the Mariquitas anyway.  Oh yes, and the Mariquitas are nothing mored than thinly sliced, deep fried, green plaintains.  Served with the Mojo for dipping.  OMG, my mouth is watering and I’m getting hungry.

What? You missed all that?  Still wondering what the heck are these Mariquitas I keep talking about?  No worries, my friend Madelyn over at her Karma Free Cooking blog will take you step by step on how to make them at home.

So go try them, what are you waiting for?  Trust me, you will not regret it.  In fact, you might even become addicted to them!


2 thoughts on “The best Cuban appetizer Evah!

  1. and if you don’t have time to make them at home… just buy a BAG. Chifles is a great brand… These are also called platanutres in Puerto Rico.

    • Yes, but it is somehow not the same. There is a brand they sell at Publix that comes really close (closer than Chiffles platanutres) but alas, I can’t remember the name!

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