Back in Time

I’m not much for Halloween.  I did the usual as a kid, you know the trick or treat, but I wasn’t really big on decorations or costumes.  Probably still traumatized by the time my parents and grandparents thought it would be a good idea to have a Haunted House for my birthday.  You see I was born right in the middle of October – the 15th to be exact.  And this Haunted House extravaganza was for my 5th birthday.  Yes you read right, F-I-F-T-H.

Needless to say I was scared out of my mind, and it took some cajoling and major convincing for me to venture into the Haunted House in the arms of Abuelo.  Unfortunately, our first stop was my bedroom that was now transformed into a morgue.  One of the dead suddenly rose and I screamed.  It didn’t matter that they turned on the lights.  It didn’t matter that the undead was speaking to me reassuring me over and over again that she was Josie, my front door neighbor.  That was it for me and the Haunted House….or Haunted Houses for that matter.  But I digress.

So, I never really celebrate Halloween.  But, here at Rochester one of our professors is a fan of Halloween.  He grew up with block parties of costumed kids and adults, so he and his fiance have one every year.  And 2009 was the 80’s Halloween party.  Dude!

As Alan and I both came of age during the 80’s our biggest problem was deciding what the heck to dress up as.  Magnum! I blurted.  After all, a Hawaiian shirt, shorts and a Tigers’ cap is not that hard to get.  Nope, he said.  He wanted to be a headbanger….you know a heavy metal fan.  Ok I said, but then I want to be Pop – a lá Madonna. know the tul skirt with the leggings, the rubber pulseras and the big hair with the bow.  So we went dressed as Pop and Metal – and boy did we have fun doing it.

Alan’s was much easier than mine.  We got him a wig, a bandanna, zebra tights (no I’m not kidding) and a Def Leppard t-shirt.  A little bit of black eyeliner and  alas! I had a headbanger husband.  See?Alan Headbanger

Me, well that took a bit of effort.  First I washed my hair and used some extra body mousse.  Then I set it up in choronguitos – you know I twirl them tight and set them as mini buns with an elastic.  Then I blow dry the heck out of them.  But what I was most looking forward to was re-enacting the makeup.  Oh boy, did I ever.My 80s Makeup

After the makeup was done, it was on to the outfit, and the hair, and of course the BOW.  Don’t believe me?  What do you think of this?80s Outfit

What’s that? You want a close up of the hair and the bow?  You got it!The finished product

So off we went, eager to see what other people dressed up as, and the comments on our costumes.  Once there, Billy Idol was our host.Billy Idol our Host

Spiderman, was our bartender.Our Bartender - Spidey

Boy George decided to drop by for some entertainment (yes, we had a karaoke machine that YOURS TRULY brought because, ahem, we own one.  I know, shut up!)Boy George

The Ghostbusters made sure no paranormal activity disrupted our fun and, in case we could possibly get bored, Rubik’s Cube was in attendance.Ghostbusters!

Rubik's Cube

Everyone thought I was dressed up as Madonna *sigh*, but EVERYONE loved our costumes.  So much so, that towards the end, one of my co-workers asked me if I had BOUGHT the outfit of if I had DUSTED it off from storage.  That made my day, and made me feel so proud of my 80’s upbringing.  So in the words of Huey Lewis, let’s go back in time and Rock On!Metal & Pop


8 thoughts on “Back in Time

  1. That is awesome! where did you get the clothing though? a thrift shop?I am much too lazy and uncreative to ever dress up for halloween.

    • actually, the skirt and the shirt were a costume I bought at a Halloween store. I got the mittens, earrings, and the bands @ Hot Topic, the pink leggings @ Claire’s, and the lace socks at the costume store. The charol shoes are mine (no good Cuban girl does not have a pair of charol pumps), and I made the bow (got the tul at A.C. Moore). I take it then you and Evan did not dress up?

  2. se pasaron se ven genial jajaja alan muy apretadito de cebra y tu linda muy de tutu jajaja me parece genial las fotos …un beso a los dos …y no te preocupes que le mostrare a tu suegra las fotos

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