Healthy Eating

As we plan to get pregnant soon, and I have some pounds to lose (keep your eye out for The Biggest Loser Lambie edition), I’m also taking a second look at the way we eat.

I get bombarded (a good thing) on a daily basis by ex-schoolmate Laura Posada who pretty much leads a one woman’s crusade for healthy family eating with her new book Fit Home Team.  She also looks terrific – which motivates me to once again get my ass back in shape so it can hold precious healthy life for 9 months.

Although my body works amazingly well with a 40-30-30 or Zone diet, I absolutely positively LOOOOOOOOOVE pasta.  And a 40-30-30 plan really limits your starchy carbohydrates.  So I try to find various ways to make it as balanced as possible.  I refuse to eat soy based materials – I actually read labels and actively avoid soy – so whenever I want to go meatless I opt for Quorn and either their crumbles or meatballs (both excellent – I’ve even done Chilean empanadas and Pastelón – recipes coming soonwith them and you can’t tell the difference).

So the other day at Wegman’s they were promoting pasta with butternut squash.  Truth be told, it was way waaaay too sweet.  But this reminded me of my friend Madelyn and her vegetarian ways and off I was to her Karma Free Cooking blog where I found exactly what I was looking for!

Pasta with Eggplant Puree!  Of course, in my quest to have protein everywhere (it also helps keep your brain on target), I will add the Quorn granules – just do a simple sofrito and add the “beef” and sauté for a while so they take the flavor.  Then just add this to the vegetable puree.

And in our case, Alan’s and I, it will more than likely be a side dish…..but at least I’ll get to eat some pasta!

So if you are looking for something different, good and healthy, scurry on over to Karma Free Cooking, and get some Pasta with Eggplan, with or without the protein.  Your call!


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