A Lambie Christmas Summary

I truly thought I would have more time for blogging once I finished my degree, but getting used to our new schedule has been kind of well, hard.  So I apologize for my wayyyyyyyy late Christmas posting.

Last year, you might remember that my friend Marisol and her family came to our house….so this year it was our turn to visit them in Conshohocken, PA.  I love spending Christmas with my Goddaughter!

Through our Holiday time in Conshohocken, I was able to spend plenty of time with my beautiful ahijada Gabriela. See?

Gaby and Me preparing for an outing!

For example here we are in Merchantville, NJ a place with a lot of snow and beautiful Victorian homes, as well as, strangely, a Hispanic peluquería and a Latino Grocery where I was able to get all the fixings for our Cuban-Rican Nochebuena.

Gaby and Me in the snow!

After hanging out, it was time to get to the task at hand of preparing all the Nochebuena fixins’!  So I present to you the cooks of today – and the cook of tomorrow!

Marisol, Me & Gaby!

As I shared with all of you last year, our Nochebuena includes: lechon, arroz blanco, frijoles negros, arroz con gandules, morcillas, pasteles, tostones and yuca con mojo.  For dessert we always have a Flan de Queso.  This year’s Christmas celebration was particularly special since Marisol and Victor might be moving.  So it may have been our last one in Conshohocken!  Although I forgot to take a picture of what our plates looked like (I was too hungry!) I can show you what they looked like at the end.


So as you can see it was a success!!!!  Now tell me, how was your Christmas??


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