Happy 79th Birthday Papi!

Today, February 5th 2010 Papi would’ve been 79….and he would be 3.5 months away of seeing me receive by Ph.D. degree.  You always think next year will be easier, but it really does not get any easier at all.  Last year I did a nice post with some pictures, and no matter what I say it still hurts.  And I think it will always hurt.  Last year I was in a better mood than I am today, so this one will be a bit shorter.

But as this is a celebratory day, we will not let pain and absence rule. 

Papi wasn’t too big on celebrating his birthday, I don’t have many memories of him blowing out candles, or even taking the day off.  But he did like to eat something different that day.  From what I can remember he would buy himself a lobster tail and bake it.  And that would be his celebratory dinner.

So thinking about lobster and beer, I’ll wish Papi a ver Happy Birthday wherever he is!!!!!


One thought on “Happy 79th Birthday Papi!

  1. Your kind words go right to my heart! My dad will be 83 years old next month and even though his health keeps declining, I am so happy to have him near. My blessing to you and your dad wherever he is.

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