When life throws you lemons…..

…learn to make lemonade, the saying goes.  We have it in Spanish too, except our lemons come from the sky, not from life.  Religion ties into everything in our culture, doesn’t it?

I have several posts ready to go, including the much acclaimed and requested Chicken Vaca Frita recipe (with Congri Oriental to boot!), and I’ll get to them soon enough.  First, there is something that I have been debating whether to share or not, but I will.  I will need an outlet.

It seems our long awaited plans of multiplying the Lambie clan has hit a snag, and we will have to go the assisted route in order to see our family grow.  Those of you who know us personally KNOW how much we want to have kids, so you can understand that this has us worried and excited at the same time.

We are not sad; on the contrary we are excited to be able to somehow have our own.  And yes, I’m a  bit ansy, but what else is new?  I’m facing a big unknown, and I don’t do well with unknowns.

Emotionally it will be a trying time.  I’ve already picked up cross stitching and Kundalini Yoga to help manage the stress.

Needless to say, it will be quite the year for us 2010-2011 which hopefully will bring us the long awaited news of new life.  Please, as you read the recipes, and try them out, keep us in your prayers so that the Lord will look favorably upon us and bless us with little ones.

On an entirely different note, since I am now ORGANIZED with my work, look for more blogging to ensue as we welcome my cousin’s daughter Sofia, I take you to Santiago, Chile, and yes, show you how to make a killer Chicken Vaca Frita!


3 thoughts on “When life throws you lemons…..

  1. Sorry for the limones del cielo…my prayers will be with you as you start that journey. Luckily, there are many people who have gone through the same thing, so you’re very likely to find support out there. Glad you’re back and blogging…looking forward to the pictures and the recipes!

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