Almost there :)

It’s been quite the quiet pregnancy, cannot complain. We are getting closer to our due date of August 25th, but both Alan and I, and my Mom, think I will be early – just not clear on how early. Were you early or late on your first pregnancy?

As you know, we have no clue as to the sex of our baby – we really want it to be a surprise. But my Mom, since she has some special circumstances that warranted her to know – well SHE KNOWS! We had the ultrasound tech write it down on a paper and put it in an envelope that we mailed to her. So she just sent us a box with gender specific clothing labeled DO NOT OPEN. See?

Do Not Open Box

I know, I know. Most of you are wondering how we can even have that box in the house and not rip it apart. To be honest, it is not that difficult. Since we always knew we wanted to wait, we are at peace with not knowing. Our friends and family have been taking bets. So far only three votes for a boy, and an overwhelming majority believe its a girl. Us? we just want a healthy baby! And DONT GET ANY IDEAS ABOUT ASKING MOM!!!! She is NOT telling!!

Obviously not knowing the sex of the baby slows down your gender specific preparations. For example, we don’t yet have a crib, as I like different colors for girl or boy. So we will have baby Lambie in a bassinet for the first three months. We have neutral clothing for about the first week, and we are having a baby shower this coming weekend so we’ll see what we get there. Once baby is born, then we will go on a shopping spree! (great reason don’t you think?)

I always wanted to do a pregnancy shoot – ever since Demi’s infamous yet beautiful Vanity Fair cover. We just believe that a pregnancy belly is beautiful and is to be embraced and not hidden. So we found a great photographer and we had our shoot. I don’t have the proofs yet, but she did post one picture in Facebook for us to share. I have to admit, I never thought they would look THAT GOOD. We are so happy with the one picture, and CANNOT wait for the rest of the proofs. I think we will have more than enough to work with, what do you think?

Alan & Adriana - 33 Weeks

One more thing to accomplish is a Baby Scrapbook – have any of you ever done one? I wanted to do a photobook scrapbook for our baby, but find that all the pages offered are, you guessed it! Gender Specific… that makes it hard. And I really don’t want to wait until baby Lambie is born…we will not have much time then. So if anyone knows a way around this, I’m all for suggestions.

So now we sit here at 34 weeks, counting down the days……we really are so excited and cannot wait for this baby to arrive. We are following as natural a birth as possible at the hospital. We have taken our laboring and hipnobirthing classes in an effort to avoid interventions and pain medications, and to keep me calm and relaxed. What’s that? Did I pack a bag? Not yet, but we have all the elements ready and bought.

Just 6 more weeks until we meet our son or daughter, six more weeks. Seems like such a short time!


2 thoughts on “Almost there :)

  1. Adriana,

    I am thrilled for you. I did my own “Demi” shot when I was pregnant with Cosmo. I was working at a photo studio at the time and did it myself. I Did the “full monty” photo and I love having it! I am glad that you decided to do one for your baby. It is absolutely a special and magical time and it is great to capture it.

    It would have driven me insane not to know the genders of my children. With Cosmo I did not know until very late ( 35 weeks ), but I least I did find out.

    Regarding scrapbook baby pages, if you are doing a true scrapbook, there are a lot of “neutral” baby page options. Even if you just get a pre-made baby book, there are a lot of non-gender specific options. Look around.

    Violet had a crib since before she was born but she slept in a pack-and play in our room for almost a year! It became easier to manage that way. So, a crib is certainly not essential, specially when they are really little. They are very useful when you want to establish a bedtime and nap time routine.

    I managed to have three babies without epidurals. I was threatened with a C-section after Cosmo was taking his sweet time and between a C-section and some medication, I opted for some medication, but the smallest dose they could give me. It did the trick. But, it can be done without any medications. However, here comes the unwanted advice, it is good advice though; have a PLAN but be FLEXIBLE. The most important thing is for baby to be well. You will not be given a medal or a ribbon at the end of it all for not having medications to manage the pain. Understand that it is temporary and that it does have an end and that can help you manage the pain without meds, but if you are too stressed and baby gets stressed during the process, it can be counter-productive. As the labor progresses, stick to your guns, ask for what YOU want, but make sure that you give yourself the opportunity to be flexible. Make sure Alan knows exactly what YOU want and have some kind of code word that will let him know that you mean business if YOU choose to change anything about the plan. This is the one time on earth that you can afford to be selfish. That does not mean to be mean or rude, but just focused on YOUR needs and what YOU need to do in order to give you and your baby the best chance at a successful birth. Alan will likely be your biggest ally and help. Be kind to him. I think it is very hard on the men, specially when you are in great pain and they cannot do much about it but breathe with you and be there. You are a smart and capable woman and I am sure that you will make the choices that are right for you and baby when the time comes

    I am so happy for you and Alan! I will be praying for you and your baby’s birth. Let me know if you are registered anywhere.



  2. Thanks Becky!!!! Oh trust me I know about the flexibility – God has seemed hellbent all my life to test out my flexibility; except on our Wedding day for which I am eternally grateful. I’m hoping this will be one of those where he just shrugs and says “here you go Adriana, let’s have it your way this time!”. Ya veremos!

    I am registered, but it’s not really a registry – it was more of a this is what we need to buy list. You are welcome to look @ BuyBuyBaby or BabiesRUs under my maiden name.

    Again thanks for your story – most people think I’m nuts!

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