Christina and Nitza

As I’ve told you before, every Cuban kitchen has a bible – Cocina al Minuto de Nitza Villapol.

The Cuban Cookbook

She was the Cuban Betty Crocker, and her cookbook is a staple in every Cuban cook’s home.  It’s not only great as a reference, but also for recipes Abuela never got to teach.  The version of her book available in the states is incomplete compared to her original (and actually considered plagiarism in Cuba).

I was lucky.  Someone in my family got the ORIGINAL book out, and Abuela got photocopies.  Yes photocopies.  With two legal covers and presillas.  That’s how my Cuban bible stays alive – barely.  Or maybe she smuggled the photocopies out of Cuba, who knows!

Fellow blogger Christina, however, has a different experience.  Inspired by the movie Julie and Julia, she decided to hone her Cuban cooking skills – and keep the culture alive in her family –  by following on the same experiment – except this time its Christina and Nitza.  And she even got interviewed by the Today Show!

So for all of you that can’t wait to get your hands on some authentic Cuban cooking, hop on over to her blog and follow her trek through the mother of all Cuban Cookbooks.


Note: I found this post buried in my drafts – for some reason I thought I had published it – sorry Christina!  However, she is now more famous than before which makes this short post even MORE relevant!


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