Up up and away!

18033854_10102469442294784_6634029338421182392_nDid you happen to catch that we are moving???? YES!!! We are moving back to New England our old stomping ground!  You know what is there? THE OCEAN.  THE COAST.  Narragansett, Newport, Friends, Family Friends, and a whole NEW life for us!  We are so excited to move – and so sad to leave so many good friends and places behind.  But we know we will stay in touch and keep those friendships alive!

Our princess is excited as well!  She understands she is moving out of state, go to a new school, and make new friends. She also knows that although she is excited she will be sad.  I tell you, this kid surprises me EVERY day!

Our stint in Rochester, NY has come to an end.  Today is my last day teaching here and the week I close up “my shop”.  Alan is already busy packing boxes and making plans, while I search for our new place via Zillow, Trulia, Trovit, Patch, and Craiglist!  We are quite busy here!

A friend gave me a GoodBye card today and made me cry.  I hate good byes, always have and always will.  And ever since having our girl, I’m a crier.  I never used to cry, now even commercials make me cry.

So stay tuned, because I am BACK and I will be blogging this move to stay sane!


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