It’s been ONE year!

Wow.  Hard to believe it’s been little over a year since we packed up and trekked from Rochester, NY back to Rhode Island.  I have to say, it’s been much better than we ever expected.

We live 15 minutes from the beach. FIFTEEN.

Sunny days abound.

Kid LOVES her school.  Absolutely positively LOVES. Kid has also made wonderful friends.

I love my job.  I had sever apprehensions about switching to a teaching school, but OMG, I should have done this sooner.  It is a joy to come to work and there are so many resources to improve my teaching and help out the students!  I truly love my job, my colleagues and my kids.

Alan loves Amazon.  Yes we know they get a bad rep; but his warehouse really works and functions well.  And he just got a PROMOTION.  Yes, one year in and we are moving on up as an Amazonian!  Really excited about his new position that starts today!

In all that goodness and joy, we miss our friends.  Neil and Rose, Mike and Ashley, and Ignacio and Anny.  I miss my dance moms – Sinclair, Camille, Dana, Christy.  Kid misses her dance studio, dance family, and overall dance teachers – Jess, Drea, Kearstyn, and Teresa.  It was a rough dance year last year.  We tried out two separate studios simultaneously, and neither worked.  Kid actually regressed rather than progress and that really scared us.  On the up side, we did find a teacher that believes and challenges kid in contemporary and drives kid to excel in competition.  Out of three comps this past season, we won all three in the contemporary solo category.

We seem to have found a good ballet studio here as well. Not like Odasz, but one that does focus on getting stronger and better, and willing to challenge and train privately as well.  So we are looking forward to that.

Did I mention we live 15 minutes from the beach?


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