Corin Tellado, R.I.P.

Corín Tellado has passed away (click here for English).  Who????  Ahhhh, se she embodies an entire era and more than one generation of the romance novel genre in Spanish – las novelitas rosa.  Our mothers and even some of our grandmothers read her work.  Her work was corny as hell, but uber romantic.

Many refranes surrounding being corny include her name: estas hecha toda una Corin Tellado, for example if you wrote something to rosy. She built the dreams of many women, only for some to later find out in real life that her romance novels were only fantasies.  Ahhhhh, but how many of us who read her novels or short stories dreamed that our prince would come and in a passionate embrace sweep us off our feet!

I couldn’t find any work samples, and no I don’t own any of her novels since I do not subscribe to novelas rosa, but you can find out more about who she was at her web page.

May she rest in peace, and may her contribution never be forgotten, and may newer generations dare to dream with the at times fantastic (as in not real) love that Corin plasmó en sus historias.