Christmas is Coming!

My favorite season is here, Christmas!!!!!  And as such we have started up our decorations.  It usually takes us a while to get everything up but that’s just because we have SO MUCH to decorate and with our schedule (school and Alan’s studying) we usually have a limited amount of time.

One of the things I love about living in the Northeast is that you can find many things that are community made and local, cheap and very fresh.  For example our door wreath was just $15.00!  and with fresh pine an benefiting a local community group.  You can’t beat that!

Christmas Wreath

And so it was time to look for our Christmas tree.  I’ve always had a knack for buying 5 footers that get pudgier every year, always sending me to the store to get more lights.  Funny think is that every year I tried to buy a skinnier or at lest less frondoso tree.  Alas, every year I ended up with a fatter tree.  When we moved north our first tree in Rhode Island we got from a cut your own tree farm.  It was a great experience; you pick out the tree you like, and the guy hands you a saw and you get your tree.  From 2005 on, we bought our trees at the same farmstand, paying about $50 bucks for my fat 5 footers.

This year I put my foot down.  I was determined to get the damn tree I had envisioned.  I new it was a Fir, I just didn’t know what kind.  About a mile from our house there is a Christmas Tree farm, so we went there on Tuesday.  And the first tree I see is the Fir I’ve always dreamed about.  Except that think is huge!  It’s 10 feet tall!  But its got such a beautiful color of green and such a nice shape!  But we keep looking.  Finally Alan asks if there was a tree I liked.  I said yes but that I thought it was too big, and showed him the tree.  He said, “It will fit”.  I said “It’s 10 feet tall!”.  He reassured me “It will fit”.  So we bought a 10 footer for $47 bucks!  Can you believe that?  And low and behold, IT DID FIT! Now on to decorating, at least this year, I won’t run out of lights. I think.

Adriana's 10 Foot Christmas Tree


Holiday Decorating

I LOVE Christmas time.  Ask anyone.  I literally live for the crismases; I get it from Abuela.  However, I will never understand why I never ever have the tree done before the 23rd.  I should be one of those people whose tree is up right after Thanksgiving, yet I’m not.  Buying and decorating the tree is a PROCESS in my house…although the house itself gets decorated right after Thanksgiving.  See?

Chimenea - Decorated and In Use!
Chimenea – Decorated and In Use!

Let me explain.

When I went away to college, and came back for my first Christmas (1990) I came home to a house with no Christmas tree.  WTF?  Mami had gone on strike.  Since we were now adults, she would not be putting up any more trees.  If I wanted a Christmas tree then I had to do it myself.  Fine, I said.

Next day I took Mami and Abuela to the Old San Juan docks and bought our first NATURAL Christmas tree and decorated it by myself.  I think that is when I figured out I worked best under pressure.  Ever since that day, it is rare if my tree is ever decorated before the 20.  Actually, I think hell would freeze over if that ever happened.

To top things off, I have very bad luck buying trees.  It turns out every year I buy a thicker, fuller tree than the year before.  And, since I am sooooo picky, that means buying extra lights and decorations every year.

Our first year in Rhode Island we even did the “cut your own tree” thing.  I have to admit, it was a lot of fun – yet again, it was a fat tree.

Last year, when I found myself stringing eight, yes you read right eight, 100+ lights strings I swore that it would never happen again.

It took some searching, but this year we did find a Fir that is not so thick and whose branches are not so close together.

Arbolito No Lights
Arbolito No Lights

Six strings this year.  Two of which are 150 lights.  Sigh.  Turns out the branches extend out farther… it still needs more lights.  It takes me one whole day just to put the lights on – why do I have to be so picky?


Lucky for me I always have coquito on hand.  There is no fun in decorating without coquito for the breaks!

Sunday we put up the lights – that’s another thing, it is a spousal endeavor so I have to wait until Alan is available. You see we have this tradition, every time I put up a string of lights, Alan takes a picture of the tree and me signing how many strings we have.  Corny yes, but it is a nice record to have.

Three Strings so Far
Three Strings so Far

Today (the 23rd) we finally decorated the tree, and I have to say it looks wonderful!

The Lambie Christmas Tree 2008
The Lambie Christmas Tree 2008

I hate the fact pictures never really show what the tree really looks like, but at least you can get an idea.