I’ve been keeping a Secret

I’ve been quiet for a while and there has been a reason.  Well, there have actually been may reasons but mostly I really haven’t been cooking much and I’ve been keeping a secret.  And the secret I’ve been keeping is the main reason why I really haven’t been cooking that much; that together with my work, and Alan finishing up school – he graduates in May yay!!!!

So what is this secret I’ve been keeping? 

 Pregnancy Ticker

Trust me this has been a hard to keep secret.  We’ve wanted kids for a loooooooong time, but we were a bit on the paranoid side and just kept waiting and waiting until we felt we had surpassed most of the risks so that we could share these wonderful news with the rest of you!

What? the sex of the baby? No clue.  We are not finding out, it will be a surprise for ALL of us.  Do you know how hard it is to buy stuff for a baby you have no clue what the gender is?  The baby marketing industry is either team pink or team blue.  There is no neutral anymore – and what you do find is yellow or green.

Names?  Well if it is a girl it will be Hannah Isabel Lambie, if it is a boy it will be Davi Samuel Lambie.

So as of right now we are 21 weeks pregnant and our next u/s will be on the 28th.  We are VERY excited with our pregnancy and really cannot wait to see our baby again (even if it is on a screen).  We hope that you share our joy!


A Lambie Christmas Summary

I truly thought I would have more time for blogging once I finished my degree, but getting used to our new schedule has been kind of well, hard.  So I apologize for my wayyyyyyyy late Christmas posting.

Last year, you might remember that my friend Marisol and her family came to our house….so this year it was our turn to visit them in Conshohocken, PA.  I love spending Christmas with my Goddaughter!

Through our Holiday time in Conshohocken, I was able to spend plenty of time with my beautiful ahijada Gabriela. See?

Gaby and Me preparing for an outing!

For example here we are in Merchantville, NJ a place with a lot of snow and beautiful Victorian homes, as well as, strangely, a Hispanic peluquería and a Latino Grocery where I was able to get all the fixings for our Cuban-Rican Nochebuena.

Gaby and Me in the snow!

After hanging out, it was time to get to the task at hand of preparing all the Nochebuena fixins’!  So I present to you the cooks of today – and the cook of tomorrow!

Marisol, Me & Gaby!

As I shared with all of you last year, our Nochebuena includes: lechon, arroz blanco, frijoles negros, arroz con gandules, morcillas, pasteles, tostones and yuca con mojo.  For dessert we always have a Flan de Queso.  This year’s Christmas celebration was particularly special since Marisol and Victor might be moving.  So it may have been our last one in Conshohocken!  Although I forgot to take a picture of what our plates looked like (I was too hungry!) I can show you what they looked like at the end.


So as you can see it was a success!!!!  Now tell me, how was your Christmas??

Nantucket Wedding

My prima Karla had announced to the family that she was getting married.  They set an August 1st date for a summer wedding in Vermont.

Apparently, planning a wedding and dealing with so many choices (including seating charts) was too much for this young couple to bear.  So they did the natural thing one does in those cases…..they ELOPED to Nantucket!  Yes you heard right, they eloped.

I’m too traditional to have eloped, but I am of the philosophy that a wedding is about the Bride and the Groom and not about family members, friends, etc.  So if this is what they wanted to do, more power to them.  Besides, getting married in Nantucket??? Hello??  How cool is that?  Well as it turns out I can show you not only how cool it is but also how beautiful it is, and how beautiful THEY are.  So here are some of my favorite pictures of this non-traditional wedding.

Karla, the blushing and beautiful bride.

Karla, the blushing and beautiful bride.

Isn’t that a great background?  New England is a beautiful area and if any of you ever have the time to come visit you should.  This is what I call eloping in style! Fortunately, Karla gave her mom ample warning that something like this could happen, so from what I hear no family member or friend is angry or disappointed.  Well I’m sure some are disappointed to have missed THE moment, but when you have pictures like this, how can you really tell them this wasn’t the right thing to to?

Evan and Karla, Bride and Groom

Evan and Karla, Bride and Groom

Don’t they make a beautiful couple???  Can’t wait to see how gorgeous their kids will be!!! (hint, hint)

To top it off, although I still don’t have a date of when this happened, they managed to have the weather in their favor.  Here in New England this Spring has looked more like a Seattle winter, and we have seen the sun 3, yes THREE times in two months.  And these lucky tortolitos managed to hit a blue sky and beautiful ocean.

A walk by the beach

A walk by the beach

Don’t they just irradiate happiness?  I mean seriously, when two people look that happy how can anyone not see this was the right decision for them!  What? Did they have a wedding party?  Well they didn’t have a reception, that they are still having in August 1st now at Massachusetts instead of Vermont.  Oh but you were talking about the Best Man, Maid of Honor, that kind of wedding party, weren’t you?  Well, apparently they somehow managed to have a family member present that would not spill the beans about them eloping.

The Cat

The Cat

How insanely cute and adorable is that?

To Evan and Karla, a big CONGRATULATIONS and hoping that this is the start of a wonderful life journey together.  Coño, how corny.  Ok, this is more me.  Pepita, congratulations for having the balls to do away with tradition, choices, and family stress and having the most beautiful wedding possible: the one you chose!

CONGRATULATIONS prima and see you in August.