No Meat on Fridays

I was raised to be a good Catholic.  As such we abstain from meat on Fridays during Lent.  I do a bit more, since I really REALLY like eating shellfish, I don’t consider that a fulfillment of my abstinence, because I’d really be enjoying what I’m eating.  I don’t know I feel it defeats the purpose.  So in turn I either do meatless pasta, or just rice and beans.  It helps me keep Lent in focus if only for a day due to my insanely busy schedule.

Doing some research, I just found out that we are either supposed to abstain or substitute a sacrifice EVERY FRIDAY of the year.  As I think about this, and the fact that somehow no one ever told me, you know, I think I kind of like this idea.  It gives you something to center your day around God every week.  It sort of helps build up to Sunday and Mass.  It reminds me of the sabbath celebration, in a way.

I think I’ll take it up.  Will report on my success or lack of thereof on this.  On the positive side, I’ll have to start getting very VERY creative.